Monday, September 12, 2022

Who Are We?

 Small Town Farms is a small family farming built on educating our friends, family, and children about where food actually comes from and how to raise it in a natural, healthy environment while striving to provide nutritious food to our community. The farm is run by Nate, Kylie, and our 4 amazing children with the help and support of our family.

Nate is the driving force, muscle, and the resident handyman of Small Town Farms. His big dreams and ideas are where the farm started. He has always had a passion for growing and raising food for his friends and family, making sure they always had healthy natural options. He truly has a knack for being resourceful. When you look around the farm, nothing is done in a conventional way; he
rebuilds and repurposes upcycled materials to meet his current needs while doing his best to prevent any waste. Nate is a wealth of farm knowledge, he spends every moment of every day thinking about farming, listening to podcasts about farming, watching other people farm on youtube, or talking about farming, even though he works full-time as a truck driver. If you ever need to put a baby to sleep, his lectures about corn tend to do the trick!

Kylie is the realist to the whole situation. It is her job to tone down Nate's dreams

to a realistic capacity while keeping track of well, everything. She keeps track of all the scheduling and numbers, manages all communications and social media, and makes sure there is fresh and healthy food available in the house while tending to the children, animals, and vegetable garden. Kylie's dreams of a farm growing up were definitely smaller than Nate's, a small hobby farm raising her own food was all she aspired to do, Nate's big dreams of providing to the community sparked an interest and they are working together to make local food more readily available to the families around them. This isn't stopping her from providing more and more of their own food each year though, processing their own meats and doing more canning and baking than ever before. 

Paige is the oldest child of the bunch and is the biggest help on the farm with the most inquisitive questions because one day she wants a little hobby farm of her own. She does everything she can to help with all different kinds of tasks. She enjoys helping her dad build the next project or going out to move and feed the animals, always stopping for a quick cuddle (with dad or the animals, she's not picky). Paige has a solid interest in raising animals all the way from breeding until helping on processing day. Her mind strives to understand the biology of each animal we raise, constantly asking questions to learn the animals' physiology so she can understand their care. Her analytical mind does well justifying when to treat an animal when to cull an animal and deciding when it's time for them to become a food resource instead.

Miss Phoebe puts the words "animal lover" to shame. If she could snuggle with every animal from now until eternity it would still not be enough for her. She is the first one to always volunteer to join her dad on the farm for early morning projects or just daily chores, we aren't sure if this is just to spend more time with the animals or because she's a proud daddy's girl. Processing days are always the hardest on her, she never wants an animal to leave the farm, but she's not about to give up her thick juicy steak either. She enjoys helping to cook dinner or bake a sweet treat whenever there is space in the kitchen.

Wyatt is a character all on his own. He enjoys helping his dad build new projects and helping Kylie in the kitchen but getting his mind to stop brainstorming is a whole different beast. Every moment he spends on the farm he is looking around and trying to come up with the best way to streamline a task. He's constantly coming up with ideas on how to modify Nate's designs and make them more efficient. Wyatt always has the brightest ideas of the next advancement needed to make farm life better and chores go quicker to give him more time to participate in other things. 

Baby Brady is the first one to grow up completely submerged in farm life. No animal, fruit, or vegetable is safe when he is around. He wants to cuddle and love all the animals while being extremely happy when they become food as well. He loves to crawl around in the garden and harvest his own treats, but don't expect him to share in his bounty, he eats it on the spot. He enjoys helping with daily chores and getting to see and pet the animals while we move tractors. Sometimes he even likes to help eat their feed if he's not being watched closely.

Nate's family is extremely supportive and doing what they can to help us make our dreams a reality. If we need an extra hand on a project, his dad is always there to help and his mom will watch the kids. If we have to leave a family event to do chores, his nieces and nephews always volunteer to lend a hand. When we have an event to attend, we can always depend on his sisters to get chores done for us. His brother-in-law is great, helping us build the website and providing his photography skills. We are also extremely lucky to have help on freezer camp day to process the animals. Our friends who volunteer to learn something new or lend a hand are definitely a bonus. If it was not for the support of these people, we would never have been able to make the progress we have with building the farm.

As the saying goes, "it takes a village to raise a child," it also takes a village to build a successful business and help to feed that village. 

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